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Welcome, traveler!

Sit down, make yourself comfortable! Watch out for the voidbeast over there, it tends to eat socks when you're not paying attention.

This is the current digital resting place for one three-dimensional writer, trying to get their shit together and have a little fun doing it. I am very new to the various intricacies of coding, but am excited to learn, and hope to also share some of my work (and general thoughts) here!

Neocities Meme

I have been writing for many years, and am currently in the process of finally trying to pursue publication for my shorter works (both fiction and poetry), and am also in the process of drafting a novel! Many exciting things afoot. I want this page to be an update place, as well as somewhere to hang out and talk about writing, sci-fi, and a variety of other topics. Welcome aboard!

I have been learning HTML/CSS from a variety of places, including from these tutorials!